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Thesis Proposal
Monetary Economics
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About the Project

There are severe limitations in the use of money to develop economic and social policy. Resource Economics is an initiative to develop an alternative set of tools to complement the use of money.

The objective is to help establish more effective government and personal behaviour patterns.

The site has four sections.
  • Thesis
    We propose a thesis to develop new tools for government and individuals to compensate for some of the limitations in use of money in economic and social behaviour.

  • Monetary Economics
    A number of limitations in the use of money in economic and social behaviour are identified. The objective of this section is to help understand why usable alternatives are important for us to discover.

  • Resource Economics
    Resource economics is a theory of economics based around resources. Although there is a very brief introduction to resource economics, this section deals primarily with the concepts behind the proposed alternative tools designed to complement monetary economics.

  • The Caring Economy
    The tools outlined in the Resource Economics section identify a significant alternative to current methods of handling unemployment. With close to 20% of British youth being unemployed, and nearly 50% of Spanish youth, it is clear that current solutions to unemployment are inadequate. The Caring Economy proposes development of a framework to provide unemployed people with the opportunity to become productive members of society. The framework should also provide them with experience and a track record to help them enter the conventional monetary system of productivity, without having to wait months and years for the economy to rebalance sufficiently to accommodate these wasted resources.

  • Articles
    A series of articles themes based on the proposals.

  • Commentary
    Social commentary from the perspective of themes based on the proposal

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