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This article is a model, one of many philosophies to help evaluate how to improve society.

Society is the collaboration of people to live and work together for mutual benefit

The objective of society is to maximise the aggregate quality of life (wellbeing) of its members.

The effectiveness of society is the extent to which is has maximised its members' quality of life.

The efficiency of society is the reverse of the proportion of resources needed to mould society to maximise its members' quality of life.

1. There are many inventive models to approximate an individual's quality of life (wellbeing, happiness).

2. It will never be possible to quantify the maximum quality of life, because it can never be know what could have happened if society had developed differently in the past. (Opportunity cost).

3. Part of the effectiveness of society (personal fulfillment) is based on its members' ability to innovate and apply its innovation, for future progress. Future potential needs to be factored in to the effectiveness of society, but it will never be possible to quantify the potential.

4. Human limitations to our ability to quantify all aspects of society and our quality of life do not negate the benefits of applying the model. Appropriate approximations whose bases are clearly defined and transparent, and consistently applied, are available as a useful substitute.

5. One core component of the efficiency and effectiveness of society are the values that members of society choose to use to guide their behaviour.

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