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Government blaming banks for the misery of the Financial Crisis of 2007-2013 is like dog fight organisers blaming the pit bulls they breed for the blood and carnage the flows from their money making ventures to enrich themselves.

We run society along the lines of a pit-bull fight. We provide real power to a very small minority of individuals - say 10,000 within a population of 60m in the UK. We encourage the powerful to compete by fighting. We believe it makes everyone involved in the process leaner and fitter. We define an individual's success by the amount of money the individual is able to make. We base much of how we produce society's output on the wisdom of the people who make money. We believe they have proven everyone's interests are best served if they run the levers of production. In our assessment of success, we do not count the cost of blood spilt, eyes gouged, limbs severed or deaths. We do not count the opportunity cost of the chastened and weakened puppies who have lost to their more powerful rivals. We currently breed the leaders of production to compete in a way that seeks to eliminate its competition. One of the many consequences of empowering a single individual to dictate the productive behaviour of 60,000 to work towards the single individual's personal interests is the banking crisis.

The heart of the banking crisis is our choice of model to achieve economic success based around mutually exclusive competition. An alternative model is emerging, which is based around mutually supportive competition. It is based on the single individual equipping the 60,000 to choose to work in ways that are beneficial both to themselves and to society as a whole, in equal measure, without dictating to them to do what is in the leader's personal interest. We need to allow it to mature to adulthood before throwing it to the wolves.

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